Gather Wiki

Here is a community-collected list of embed game that work even when embed inside an object in a Gather space. Feel free to add more if you encounter them. The more the merrier!

Embed Games[]

Game Name Description Type Link
GatherGames A bunch of gather compatible games under one URL. Supports creating and joining games. Made by Collection
Settlers of Catan (Colonist)
DownForAcross Crosswords!
Love Letter
One Night ultimate werewolf
Shared Piano
Draw Battle!
Witch Dice
board game collection
Generic Board Game
Arcade Cabinets
Garctic Phone
Flockmod Draw in realtime with friends! URL Room
Jigsaw Puzzles Solve jigsaws with friends!
Board and card games All of the games on this website are embeddable in Gather. They don't require users to sign in, and games can be created and played within the Gather space (i.e. doesn't need to open in a new tab).

Notable games: chess, checkers, uno, and connect 4

Website collection

Embed Tools[]

Name Description Example Website
Padlet Use it as a poster board for your space. For example a guest book, or a place to share screenshots. Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 19.06.04.png
Miro Collaborative workspace
Wheel of Names An embededdable random wheel of fortune
Witeboard Collaborative whiteboard
Spartan An embeddable virtual desktop
Z Lib An embeddable library
Dialogue Maker Used for dialogue trees in story-driven Gather maps. The UI is in Mandarin.
Classroom Screen Deskpot screen with widgets. You can launch free an add different widgets and embeb content
Classroom Screen.png
Genially Presentation-interactive tool. Include game like presentations. Add Sandbox keys to improve gaming.