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Gather Town Teaching: Use Active Image[]

Recognize interactive components[]

In gather town, you can create customized items by uploading pictures. If you want to make more customized items change, just set the item as an interactive object.

Interactive objects are different from normal objects. They will be triggered when the character enters the activation distance (at this time, there will be a message that you can interact by pressing the x key). If there is no special requirement, generally we will set the item as Note object. When the object presses the x key, a default message will appear. (Note: The message part must be filled in (you can fill in a blank or the like), otherwise you cannot select.)

Prerequisite knowledge[]

1. The size of the object[]

The size of each grid on the map is 32x32 pixels. So a 40x70 pixels picture will become a 2x3 grid object after uploading, and there will be 24 pixels wide blank space on the right side, and 26 pixels wide blank space below.

2. Activation distance[]

The trigger range is counted from the outside of the grid where the item is placed. The picture below is an object with a size of 3x2 grid. If the Activation distance is 3, then the entire trigger range will be 9x8 grids (as shown in the figure below, that is, expand 3 grids up, down, left, and right). If distance is set to 0, it can only be triggered by standing directly on the object.

3. Active image (in advanced options)[]

The picture displayed when the item is triggered. If this picture is different from the original size, the triggered picture will be presented in a way that aligns with the upper left corner of the original picture.

Basic teaching examples[]

1. Object changes[]

When the object image and the active image are different, a change will occur when triggered.

Object image using e.g. , active image used will have the following effects.

2. Object appears[]

When the object image uses a blank image, it will cause the sudden appearance of the item when it is triggered.

Such as object image using a blank image , active image using  will have the following effects.

3. Object disappears[]

When the active image uses a blank image, the item will suddenly disappear when triggered.

For example Image Object , the Active Image use a blank picture  will have the following effects.

Advanced example[]

1. Dialog[]

The original picture is an npc picture , and it is hoped that it will be a picture with dialogue after it is triggered . At this time, the active image is set as a picture with dialogue, but the object image cannot directly use pictures with only npc. It is necessary to trim the dialogue from the picture with dialogue, and then get a picture of the same size to be used as an object image. Otherwise, the position of the character will run away after the trigger.

2. Items get bigger[]

If the original image is a 1x1 Pokémon, I hope it will become a 5x5 Pokémon after it is triggered.

If it is used directly, the center of the enlarged Pokémon will run away.

At this time, it is better to change the 1x1 Pokémon picture with blank space around it into a 5x5 picture

(this can be implemented by changing the canvas size through the little painter 3D). In this way, the result will become

3. The item appears in the designated location.[]

If we want to go to the altar on the left today, display a 15 x 9 grid title picture in the center of the screen

Because the trigger position is 10 grids away from the upper left corner of the title image, we can set the original image of the title image as a 1x11 blank image (the white frame in the figure below), set the activation distance to 0, and set the active image as the title image. Can. Exported From: