Password doors are now officially released!

Official Gather Help page here.

How to enable Password Doors

To get started with our extensions, you will first need to:

  1. Turn on the extension you wish to use by going into the Mapmaker options menu and opening the Extensions Settings

Objects associated with Extensions can be treated similarly to other objects and can be found by clicking their related category in the Object Picker.

Make sure you don't change the object type for the Extension to work properly!

All Extension object categories are marked by a puzzle-piece icon next to their names. You may need to scroll down to find what you're looking for!

To update the information for password-protected doors, interact with it while you are inside of your Space. If you are an owner or moderator, you will see the option to edit the door's information.

Extension functionality may take up to 30 seconds to fully load once your Space becomes active (aka, has at least 1 person visiting), so if something doesn't quite work the first time, wait a bit and try again!

Common Issues

Password or text does not get saved

Make sure you wait at least 60 seconds after entering the space before editing the door!

Also, make sure you have moderator privileges in the space. Having the Owner role is not enough.

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