Gather Wiki

Tools for Gather[]

Mapmaker Tools[]

  • Gather Town Bulk Changes UI - Simple UI for bulk changes in the mapmaker. By seem_less on Discord.
  • Gather Town Item Shop - A growing set of tools for mapmaking. Set a custom SOUND EMITTER, back up maps. Credits to JeffreyChen!
  • JC's NPC Bot - Bot that allows you to teleport players or teleport to players using chat commands.

Other Tools[]

  • PhotoPea - Online Image Editing Tool. Easy to use to resize stuff before uploading to Gather.
  • CompressPNG - Compress Map size without sacrificing quality!
  • Embed Checker - Check if you the website you want to use in an embed object will work.


API Clients[]

  • GatherTownJS - A simple and lightweight but powerful NodeJS client for Gather Town API.